Is A 512 GB iPhone Worth Paying For? My Research

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You can’t change an iPhone’s storage once you buy one, so device storage should be something you think about before getting a new iPhone.

With Apple’s latest models, you can get up to 512GB worth of storage. But do you need to spend more for storage? This post will explain everything about 512GB iPhones and why they might be the perfect fit for you.

Is A 512GB iPhone Worth It?

A 512GB iPhone is worth it if you use your iPhone to take many pictures, download videos, and use a ton of heavy phone applications. However, because iPhones aren’t equipped with additional storage capacities like memory cards, you won’t be able to increase your storage size once you buy an iPhone. In that case, you should buy a 512GB iPhone if you’re planning to fill it up with a lot of heavy data. 

Apple has increased the storage limit of their iPhones by releasing their iPhone 11 Pro, which comes with a 512GB variation. The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max also come along with 512GB options. Even the iPhone 13 has bigger storage options with 1TB, almost twice the amount of storage a 512GB iPhone has.

512GB iPhones resemble the type of storage some computers have. You might think that’s overkill, but for those who use their phones more than their laptops, bigger storage is a great way to keep all your files on the same device, keeping all your data with you wherever you go.

Device storage doesn’t affect how your iPhone runs, so you shouldn’t take this into mind when choosing a storage size.

Unless you consistently have less than 1GB of storage left (in that case, your iPhone might run slower as it tries to optimize your device to make room for more data), your iPhone will work exactly like the same model with lower storage.

A 512GB iPhone is a great investment if you have a history of large storage use. Check your iPhone storage by going to “Settings”> tapping “General”> and clicking the “iPhone Storage” button. If you use a lot of GB and have noticed that you’re deleting a lot of photos and applications to make room for new ones, then a 512GB iPhone might be a great investment for you. If not, you should get one of the lower storage options. 

With a 512GB iPhone, you’ll be able to take as many photos as you want on the highest quality setting without worrying about deleting some of them afterward. You can take as many as 160,000 3MB pictures (taking into account the iOS updates and pre-installed applications in your iPhone) and 120,000 live photos that use 4MB each.

If you plan to record videos on 4K resolution most of the time, getting a 512GB iPhone is a great way to save as many high-quality videos as possible. One minute of a 4K video uses around 375MB of storage. You might run out of space if you hoard these HD videos on an iPhone with lower storage.

Bigger storage is also a great option if you’re planning to keep your iPhone long-term. That way, you’ll use up much more data through the years, only needing to offload pictures, videos, and music that you don’t need anymore. But if it’s been a while since you’ve last gotten a new iPhone, you might be ignoring important signs. My article here talks all about when you should get a new iPhone.

How Much GB Do I Need On My iPhone?

A 512GB iPhone is a great investment if you have a history of large storage use. On the other hand, if you’re known to hoard your photos and videos, bigger device storage for your iPhone might be for you. You won’t have to worry about storage space with a 512GB iPhone, so you can download it all you want. But if you’re a casual user who streams more, you might have to choose the 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB options.

Before deciding on iPhone storage, you should check how much storage you use. You can do this by:

  1. Go to ‘Settings.’ 
  2. Click ‘General.’
  3. Select the ‘iPhone Storage’ option.

64GB is enough for basic use, and 128GB is great for average users. But if you find yourself constantly needing to delete things to make more room, that’s a sign you should get larger storage for your new iPhone.

Of course, iOS updates for your iPhone also take hold, so getting the 512GB option ensures that you don’t have to worry about deleting things to install new updates.

You should also figure out what you primarily use your iPhone for in terms of storage use. If you constantly take videos in 4K, bigger storage options are the better choice. You’ll be able to take as many videos as you want without worrying about your space. But if you primarily use your iPhone to stream videos, you don’t need the extra space.

Getting larger device storage means you don’t have to upload all your data onto iCloud. You can carry all your files with you in your pocket and open them whenever you wish. But getting bigger storage doesn’t mean you can save more on iCloud storage.

You might still have to upload your important photos and videos onto iCloud to keep them safe, just if you lose your iPhone or break it beyond repair. If you’ve accidentally brought your iPhone into the shower with you, would you need to get it fixed? Read all about iPhones and showers in this article of mine.

In any case, your iPhone storage should depend on your usual usage and what you tend to use your device storage for. For example, if taking HD videos of your trips and friends is something you often do, the 512GB option might be for you.

How Many Pictures Can A 512GB iPhone Hold?

Assuming one photo uses 3MB and one GB contains 1000MB, a 512GB iPhone can hold 170,666 images. But taking iOS updates and other pre-installed applications, that number might be closer to 160,000 images. You can get up to 120,000 lives photos that use 4MB each, but that’s considering you only have live pictures in your album. 

If you’re planning to use your iPhone to take many photos and HD videos, a 512GB iPhone might be a great choice for you. One minute of a 4K video uses around 375MB of storage.

Although you may upload your videos to your laptop and delete them afterward, you’ll be able to keep your high-quality videos on your iPhone for a long time before needing to upload them somewhere else.

My article here talks about how iPhones are worth it. Is an iPhone the perfect fit for you? What are iPhones great for, aside from the different choices of storage sizes? Learn more about the capabilities and advantages of an iPhone.

You’re not just using your iPhone to take pictures. You’re also using it to download videos, applications, iOS updates, and music. So if you’re wondering about how much storage you need, you should base it on your usual storage habits. First, check your current iPhone storage by going to ‘Settings’> tapping ‘General> and clicking the ‘iPhone Storage button. 

If you’re using a lot of data and have to delete any of your files to make room for more, you should get a 512GB iPhone. On the other hand, if you use your iPhone for texting and emails most of the time, you don’t need bigger storage.

Apple updates its iOS from time to time. Do you need Wi-Fi for these updates, or can you use your data to download them? My article here talks all about Wi-Fi and updates.

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