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Why Won’t My Apple Watch Let Me Talk Text?

The text dictation option in today’s smart devices has revolutionized how we text. It makes it incredibly easy to send texts quickly without manually typing them. The Apple Watch also lets you talk text using your device. However, it may sometimes not work. So why does your Apple Watch not let you talk text?

If you are having trouble using the talk-to-text feature on your Apple Watch, it may be because dictation is disabled on your Apple Watch. The talk-to-text feature will also not work on your Apple Watch if Siri is disabled on your iPhone or dictation is disabled on your keyboard.

Read on to find out how to activate voice on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch ModelPriceGPSDisplayWater Resistance
Apple Watch Ultra$799YesAlways-On Retina100 meters
Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)$249YesRetina50 meters
Apple Watch Series 8$399YesAlways-On Retina50 meters
Apple Watch SE (1st generation)$188.99YesRetina50 meters
Apple Watch Series 7$349YesAlways-On Retina50 meters
Apple Watch Series 6$249.97YesAlways-On Retina50 meters

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How Do I Activate Voice on Apple Watch?

You can activate Apple Watch’s voice by enabling Siri on your iPhone. Once done, go to your Apple Watch Settings > Siri, and toggle on the Listen for “Hey Siri” option. Once done, you can open a message on your Apple Watch and tap the Microphone button to dictate.

You will also need to enable dictation on your iPhone’s Apple Watch app. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone > General > Enable dictation to do so.

Go to Settings on your iPhone, General > Keyboard, and toggle on dictation.

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