Do Mac Keyboards Come In Different Languages?

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Typing on your Mac can be quite frustrating if you are a non-English or bilingual speaker. You may wonder whether a Mac keyboard comes in different languages.

According to Apple, you can set your Mac to type in another language. Macs offer more than 105 languages. To change your keyboard language, click on the Apple logo > System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources. Now click on the Add button, select one or more languages and click Add. 

Read on to find out whether Mac keyboards come in different languages and if you can have two languages set on your MacBook keyboard.

Do Mac Keyboards Come In Different Languages?

If you are stuck and cannot figure out how to type in any other language on your Mac keyboard, don’t worry! Apple lets you choose from more than 105 languages to type in on your Mac keyboards. 

You can add multiple keyboard layouts (input sources) to your Mac keyboards by choosing them from the keyboard input menu. Macs also allow you to switch between different languages by using your keyboard. 

To set up your Macs to type in different languages:

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the top left of your Mac.
  2. Go to System Preferences.
  3. Click on Keyboard.
  4. Select Input Sources.
  5. Click on the Add + button.
  6. Search for your desired language.
  7. Choose one or more input sources for your preferred language.
  8. Click on Add.
  9. Select your preferred language from the Input Menu in the top menu bar to write in another language.
  10. Select “Show Keyboard Viewer” to view the keyboard layout of your currently selected language.

Once an input source has been added, the Input menu option in the menu bar will be automatically selected. You can use this option to switch between different languages quickly.

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Can I Have Two Languages MacBook?

You can have multiple languages selected on your MacBook. First, choose various languages from the keyboard settings in System Preferences on your Mac and add them as an input source. Now switch between multiple languages from the Input menu in the top menu bar.

MacBooks offer more than 105 languages that you can use as input sources on your Mac. In addition, you can have two and more languages selected on your MacBook as input sources.

When typing, it is pretty easy to switch between multiple languages on your MacBook by going to the Input Menu in the top menu bar. You can also configure your MacBook to switch between multiple languages using your keyboard.

  • To switch languages using the Input Menu, click on the Input menu in the top menu bar and select an input source. 
  • To switch languages using the caps lock key: Enable the option to change input sources by pressing the caps lock key. You can enable this option in the Input Sources preferences of your keyboard settings in system preferences.
  • To switch languages using the touch bar: If you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, you can customize the Control Strip by adding the handwriting button, the input sources, or both. To switch between languages, tap on the button and select the input source. 
  • To switch languages using the Fn Key: Enable the option to switch between different languages using the Fn key. Then press the key to select any of your desired input sources. Press and hold the Fn key until your preferred input source is selected. You can enable the Fn Key to use the Input Sources preferences of your keyboard settings in System Preferences.

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