Does Magic Keyboard Damage iPad Screen (What To Know)

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If you’ve never used a magic keyboard before with your iPad, one of the concerns you might have is the potential damage it can cause to the screen. Knowing this information helps maximize the potential of your iPad.

The Magic Keyboard is made of fabric, so it’s unlikely to damage the screen. However, if some dust or debris is stuck on your keyboard, it might leave a scratch on the screen when you close the iPad. Solid particles on the Magic Keyboard are the most common causes of damage on an iPad screen and not the keyboard itself.

But there’s more to this question that you need to know. So, in addition to the tips below, I would also recommend you read the following sections to understand better how you can improve your iPad experience.

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Does The Magic Keyboard Damage the iPad’s Screen

If the keyboard doesn’t have any debris, it will not damage the screen when closed. The keyboard is made out of fabric which is not hard enough to scratch the glass screen.

You might think that the Magic Keyboard is a case. In some ways, you are right because it is a high-end case with a soft matte rubbery exterior.

The only way the keyboard will damage the screen is if you leave anything on the keyboard and then close the screen, be careful of eating while using the keyboard as doing so will leave debris on the case.

However, the distinct feature of the Magic Keyboard is the built-in trackpad that helps with easier navigation. The following year, Apple introduced the 2nd-gen 12.9 inches version compatible with the iPad Pro 2021.

Some of the most impressive features of the Magic Keyboard include trackpad functionality, key feel, and overall quality. However, I would say that the only downside of this product is the weight because it makes the iPad bulkier.

Let me give you an idea, the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard have a combined weight that is much heavier than the MacBook Air. If this isn’t an issue for you at all, using a keyboard along with your iPad is generally beneficial to your daily tasks.

Moreover, the trackpad works more smoothly with superior features than the trackpad on any Microsoft Surface machine. The 11-inch Magic Keyboard model works with iPad Pro 2020 and 2021 models.

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Does The Magic Keyboard Screen Scratch the iPad Screen

The Magic Keyboard screen doesn’t scratch the iPad because it’s made of rubbery material. The keyboard wraps itself around the iPad and attaches magnetically for ease of use. It’s even with the iPad when closed and angles forward at the back part to join with the front piece so that the iPad is positioned above the keyboard just like a laptop.

While in a floating position, your iPad is secured and connected to the case magnetically. The cantilevered hinge makes it easy to adjust the iPad to a comfortable viewing angle as you work on your tasks.

When you close it, the Magic Keyboard protects the front and back part of your iPad Pro from scratches and other potential damage. In addition, you don’t need to worry about abrasions when you put your iPad inside your bag because it is covered with the case.

As an iPad user myself, I find it helpful to use the Magic Keyboard because it makes typing easier when I need to work on the go. In addition to the functionality, it adds protection to my iPad Pro no matter where I use it.

In addition to screen protection, here are some of the best features that the Magic Keyboard also offers:

  • The Magic Keyboard cannot be flipped around for drawing or sketching mode when it comes to design. The keyboard case is removable, so you can use the iPad freely when working on your projects.
  • The trackpad is also worth noting when getting the Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro. It’s relatively smaller than the MacBook’s, but it works similarly. The trackpad allows you to navigate the iPad OS with a simple tap and swipe.
  • As a full-size keyboard, the Magic Keyboard also uses a scissor-switch mechanism, just like in the MacBook Pro 2019 and MacBook Air 2020. The keys are very light to tap and don’t easily get damaged due to dust. They are quiet and very responsive for a better typing experience.
  • Apple designed the touch-first interface to create a unique experience for iPad users in terms of trackpad gestures. It supports multi-touch gestures and the cursor to ensure the smooth functioning of the trackpad.

The Magic Keyboard is designed to stay stable and well-balanced on your lap. This rigid keyboard case is not flexible, so it will remain steady wherever you put it while working on your files. In addition, you can easily adjust the angle of your iPad from 90 to 130 degrees.

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