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Does Steam deck keep downloading in sleep mode? PROOF Inside

The Steam deck Valve’s first attempt at creating a handheld gaming PC is a fantastic machine, holding a device more powerful than a PS4 in the palm of your hands is amazing.

However, can it still download games in sleep mode like the Nintendo Switch?

The Steam Deck does not download games in sleep mode, it needs to be on to successfully download games.

Here is my YouTube video, where I showcase how the Steam Deck does not download games in rest mode.

You can see in the below photos, I started to download Elden Ring at 12:06 pm, I downloaded 115.36MB at this time. I put Steam Deck to sleep mode and turned it back on at 1:07 pm yet the exact same amount of data 115.36MB was downloaded.

Hopefully, Valve introduce this feature in the near future, as I found it took a LONG time to download Elder Ring around 2 hours.

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