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Does The White Magic Keyboard Stay Clean? My Experience

No iPad experience is complete without a keyboard. I recently bought my iPad Pro 11” and the experience is completely changed ,with the expensive yet fantastic magic keyboard now it feels like a fully functional laptop rather than a tablet.

I know you are thinking of purchasing the white magic keyboard but are wondering if it stays clean. I’m here to answer that question.

The entire white magic keyboard including the keys will still look new after heavy use and stay perfectly clean however the white case can still be smudged.The entire case should be cleaned every couple of months with rubbing alcohol.

In this post are a couple of photos I took of my white magic keyboard after around 4 days of heavy use, you can see the keys themselves are clean, the only smudge is on the side of the case.

Don’t go anywhere! This article will explain more on if the magic keyboard stays clean and if it stains easily.

If your on the fence about buying the magic keyboard trust me you WON’T be disappointed! It is expensive but you can find excellent deals on eBay far cheaper than Apples retail price.

I was considering buying the Logitech keyboard which you can find for a great deal on Amazon however I was told you cannot use it on your lap, which was a no for me; right now I’m writing this post on my lap after all!

How Clean Does The Magic Keyboard stay?

If you take a look at this Reddit post you will see many posts about how the white magic keyboard stays clean. The white keyboard is newer than the black version according forum posts, white is made of better materials and is more difficult to stain than the black version.

Just be careful with the iPad and don’t eat as you use the iPad as dirt and grime WILL, go on the keyboard.

To get the most of your iPad it is important you know how to charge it correctly, for a complete charging guide look no further than my helpful article.

Does the white magic keyboard stain easily?

The white magic keyboard does not stain easily it is more durable and stain resistant than the 2020 black Magic Keyboard.

You can see in this forum post how many iPad users think the white magic keyboard has better build quality and stains less than the older black keyboard. Take a look at the original post.

Personally I have only used my magic keyboard for 4 days but I assure, you still looks brand new.

To be safe you should buy a white magic keyboard new on a site like ebay instead of the older black version as many users on the above post said the black keyboard smudged on day one staining quickly i got mine for a great deal.