Is 128GB A Lot For An iPad (Is It A Waste?)

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Storage is an important factor to consider when deciding which iPad is best for you. 128GB is the standard memory for the iPad Pros like the M1 iPad Pro.

To answer if 128GB is a lot, you need to determine your kind of user. iPads come in various storage capacities, and the prices vary greatly.

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Is 128GB Good For An iPad?

128GB is certainly an adequate storage capacity for a lot of people. However, the same may not be true for heavy users. This storage is used with different types of content.

For instance, images, videos, apps, etc., require storage in any device. If you use the iPad to keep large videos, many pictures, and applications, 128GB will not be enough for you.

On the contrary, some users operate their iPads very lightly, which doesn’t require a lot of storage. Some even find 128 GB to be a lot because they end up not using most of the space.

Remember, you CAN NOT upgrade your iPads storage capacity storage. You are forever stuck with the storage you buy due to the iPad’s limitations. Unlike a MacBook, you cannot store programs on an external hard drive and use them.

However, you can always use iCloud to store your iPads media. I’m paying $1.07/month for 50GB of additional data, which isn’t bad at all.

What Consumes iPad Storage?  

Let me elaborate on different aspects of your iPad’s storage. Hopefully, these will give you clearer insights about what storage capacity you should go for.

Photos And Videos

Most people use their phones for taking pictures and keeping videos. These can be stored on your iPad via the iPad App. iPads’ cameras have improved, although they aren’t the best devices to take photos with.

With 1GB, you can hold between 192-580 photos. It’s for an average image resolution of 5.5MP to 18MP based on a compressed image format.

128GB is enough for between 23,400-69600 photos as iPadOS takes 8GB of memory.

Videos files are far more chunky. For example, a minute of 720p video at 30FPS takes up 60MB, and 1080p 30FPS takes up 60MB, while 60FPS at 175MB takes 90MB of storage.

A minute of 720p at 30FPS takes up 60MB (40MB using HEVC in iOS 11) 1080p at 30FPS takes up 130MB (60MB) 1080p at 60FPS takes up 175MB (90MB)14 S

With the latest iPad Pro M1, you can record 4K video at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps. However, a one-minute 4K video at 60FPS takes 400MB of storage on your device! Meaning you can only store 300 1 minute 4K videos at 60FPS with 120GB. If you think you will use your iPads camera a lot, investing in more memory makes sense.

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If you are a serious gamer, you already know that you will need an iPad that comes with a storage capacity of 64 GB or more. However, people who occasionally play games won’t need much space on their iPads.

The average iPad game is 1.5GB, such as PUBG, meaning you can have around 72 iPad games, assuming iPadOS takes 20GB.

TV, Films, And Other Media

Storage should not be a concern for you as you can stream everything to your heart’s content using services like Apple TV+ and Netflix, which don’t require a large storage capacity. So you can get by with a 32GB or 64GB iPad with ease.

Although if you DO want to download movies or shows on your iPad for viewing when you don’t have internet, like on a plane or train, investing in more memory makes sense.

By default, all Netflix downloads will be of standard quality. In that setting, most hour-long TV shows will be around 250MB movies will be about 500MB to 1GB depending on the movie’s length.

On average, you could download 432 hour-long TV shows with a 128GB iPad. That’s a LOT of content!

iPad Apps

Apps aren’t limited to gaming. If you want a range of unique apps without worrying about the limit of your iPad, it’s a good idea to stick to 128GB storage, assuming you download a lot of media to view offline. If it’s any lower than that, you may have to delete one app to install another.

Some apps require additional storage. Unfortunately, most creative apps are responsible for eating up storage. Examples include photo editing apps, drawing apps, graphic designing apps, etc.

The fantastic video editing app Luma Fusion only requires 178MB; however, the extra memory you have is convenient for storing the media files you need for editing.

How Many Movies Can You Put On A 128GB iPad?

You can put 14 movies on a 128GB iPad. A 128 iPad can store 1280 minutes of video, and the average film is 90 minutes long, meaning you can keep 14 movies on an iPad.

Some people want to download movies on their iPads to watch them while not connected to the internet. Let me give you an idea about how many films a 128GB iPad can hold.

If we consider HD videos, you can expect to fill 6GB per one hour of the movie. So, if we’re calculating a two-hour film, it will require 12GB of space from your iPad.

iPad Storage Capacity Options 

I’m leaving the storage capacity you can choose when getting an iPad. Instead, these options will help you compare the storage, helping you pick your dream iPad easier.

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32GB iPad Storage

Most people won’t be satisfied with a 32GB iPad in modern times. However, if you’re thinking about a budget option, it can be a great choice. Besides, if you’re into streaming and only love browsing, there’s no reason not to go for a 32GB iPad.

Available On: 8th generation iPad. Take a look at the best price on Amazon.

64GB iPad Storage

64GB iPad will open a lot more doors. For instance, a 64GB storage capacity will be a wise decision if you’re a light app and game user. However, if you feel like you will upgrade your usage to a higher limit, it’s better to invest in a higher-capacity iPad.

Available On: iPad Air, iPad mini. Take a look at the best 64GB options for a bargain on Amazon.

128GB iPad Storage

128GB iPads are suitable for a large number of users. Heavy gamers, app users, and people who have many photos and videos on their iPhones that they wish to sync will benefit most from this storage range.

As the storage capacity increases, the price also bumps up. So, many people find this option to be perfect for their necessities. However, upgrading to a larger storage capacity costs much more than this one.

Available On: iPad Pro, 8th generation iPad.

The M1 2020 iPad Pro has 128GB as default. You can take a little peek at the beautiful device on Amazon.

256GB iPad Storage

256GB is more of a professional iPad option. People who need a lot of space on their iPad for editing, gaming, and other content will most benefit from this version.

Available On: iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini.

512GB iPad Storage

512GB storage only comes in iPad Pro. So it’s easily guessable that the market for this storage capacity is a lot lower than others.

Available On: iPad Pro.

1TB iPad Storage

Almost no one needs a 1TB storage on their iPad. Maxing 1TB is difficult even on laptops and computers. So, regular users will not need an iPad Pro with a 1TB storage capacity. However, there is a very small market for this option.

Available On: iPad Pro.

Final Words

I’ve given you the information you need before purchasing an iPad. Hopefully, you will evaluate your storage needs accurately and consider a reasonable option.

Investing in an iPad is a big decision to make. So, make sure that your storage needs won’t jump higher anytime soon. If there is such a possibility, go for a higher-capacity iPad. 

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