The Complete Guide To Apple Pay/Apple Credit Cards

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Apple has made it quite simple to pay vendors or send money to your family and friends in a cash-free way. Thanks to Apple Pay and Apple Credit cards, making cash-free transactions is super-fast, reliable, and convenient. But there is some confusion related to Apple Credit Cards and Apple Pay that we aim to clarify in this article.

Read on to find out if you can transfer your Apple Credit Card to another account, how you can transfer your Apple balance to Apple Pay, how to cancel your Apple Gift Card, and related concerns.

Can I Transfer My Apple Credit Card to Another Account?

No. You cannot transfer your Apple Credit Card to another account. You will have to close your account and then reapply for the credit card with the new account.

Apple credit cards are not like your typical credit cards. You can’t simply remove them from an ID and associate them with another one. Instead, your Apple Cards are linked to your Apple ID and won’t work with any other ID.

So if you want to transfer your Apple credit card to another account, you will have to close your current account and then reapply for an Apple Card with your new Apple ID. You can see the rules here.

Firstly, you will need to pay off any outstanding payments on your Apple Card and then close it. Next, you will need to sign in with your new Apple ID and then apply for a new Apple Card for this specific Apple ID.

To know about your options, go to the Wallet > Apple Card, and then tap on the three dots, open ‘Messages,’ and inquire from them about the choices you have. You can also contact Goldman Sachs or Apple directly to get more information about this matter.

How Do I Transfer Apple Balance to Apple Pay?

You cannot transfer your Apple balance to Apple Pay. Transferring your Apple ID balance to Apple Pay is not possible. You can only add money to Apple Pay by using your debit card and credit card, and transferring money from a supported bank account to Apple Pay. 

The Apple Pay service is not like a bank account. It can only facilitate payments through other payment methods, such as debit cards, credit cards, and a bank account like PayPal. You can also add money to Apple Pay by transferring it from a bank account. One other way to add money to Apple Pay is by letting others send you money to your Apple Pay account.

These are the only ways to transfer or add money to Apple Pay. Unfortunately, it is impossible to transfer Apple balances to Apple Pay as your remaining Apple balance is not a payment method.

How Do I Cancel an Apple Gift Card?

You can cancel an Apple gift card by contacting Apple Support at least two days before scheduled delivery. However, if your Apple gift card’s delivery is due in less than two days or has already been delivered, it is no way to cancel it.

An Apple gift card allows you to make purchases at the App Store, Apple Music, and other Apple services, including apps, games, subscriptions, iCloud+, and more. To use this card, you will have to redeem it. Here’s what else you can purchase with an Apple Gift Card.

But in case you don’t want your Apple gift card anymore and would like to cancel it, there’s only one way where Apple lets you do this. If your Apple gift card delivery is scheduled in two or more days, you still have the time to cancel it. Then, you can contact Apple Support, and their team will cancel your Apple gift card.

However, if your Apple card delivery is in less than two days or you have already redeemed your Apple gift card, there’s no way to cancel it. Therefore, you will have no other option than to use it.

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Can I Use the Same Credit Card for Two Apple IDs?

Yes, you can. You can use the same credit card for multiple Apple IDs. There’s no restriction whatsoever as to how many Apple IDs you can use the same credit card for. But ideally, you should stick to using the same credit card for no more than three Apple IDs.

Like you can use your credit card for other purchases at different merchants, you can use the same credit card with different Apple IDs. Consider it as using the same credit card at various merchants. There is no restriction by Apple over this. However, your bank may need to authenticate the user when it detects the card is used for multiple devices.

You should set up Family Sharing if you use the same credit card for more than three devices. By setting up Family Sharing, you will be the “organizer” while your family uses their own Apple IDs to make purchases.

However, since their accounts would be tied to your credit card, you can authenticate the purchases before completing a transaction. You can also add your wife/husband as the Parent/Guardian to approve or disapprove the acquisitions. Moreover, if one of the family members makes a purchase, they can share the apps, music, or subscription they purchased.

One other way you can go about using the same card for multiple Apple IDs is by using an Apple Gift Card for purchases. Find out more about sharing your credit card with Apple Card Family.

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Can My Wife Use My Apple Card?

Your wife can only use your Apple Card if you have made her the co-owner of your Apple Card account by using Apple Card Family. Otherwise, your wife cannot use your Apple Card to complete transactions unless she uses it from your phone.

Having an Apple Card is just like having a credit card; you can’t let anyone else use it. However, if you want to share your Apple Card with your spouse, you can use Apple Card Family. Apple Card Family is a feature by Apple that lets you share your Apple Card with your trusted family members.

When you make your spouse the co-owner of your Apple Card account, they will have the same rights of use as you, meaning that they can make purchases just like you can, without needing your authentication. Moreover, you can even build credit together as equals. Check out CNBC’s insights to learn how Apple Card Family lets you build credit together.

The owner and co-owner can also view the activities and purchase history of other participants of the Family Sharing group. There will be a single monthly bill for this Apple Card account no matter who makes the purchases.

In total, five people (other than you) can be on a shared Apple Card account. One of those five members can be your account co-owner. So you can make your wife the co-owner of your Apple Card account.

Can I Add My Wife’s Card to My Apple Pay?

Yes. You can add up to eight cards to your Apple Pay account on a device. The card that is used as default is used for transactions automatically. For example, to add your wife’s card, go to Wallet and tap on the add button to add a new card to Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay allows you to add up to 8 cards to your Apple Pay account on a device. So you can easily add a spouse’s card to Apple Pay by going to the Wallet app and tapping on the add button. 

Another way you can share your wife’s Apple Card is by joining the Apple Card Family. This feature by Apple lets you share your Apple Card with your trusted family members.

To do this, go to Wallet > Apple Card > People > Share My Card > Continue. You can invite your wife if you are an Apple Card Family member or an account owner. You will add your spouse to your Apple Pay account with her card. You can add any member of the Family Sharing group to your Apple Pay account, provided they are 13 years or older.

Make your wife the co-owner of your Apple Pay account, and she can carry out transactions with her card. She can also share her Apple Card with all the members of the Family Sharing group. Learn more about using Apple Card Family to share a credit card with your spouse.

Can You Get Cashback With Apple Pay Debit Card?

Yes. Apple Pay Debit and Credit Card users automatically get 1-3% cashback on purchases, called Daily Cash by Apple. The cashback you get on your Apple Pay purchases is deposited into your Apple Cash account.

When users make purchases with Apple Pay, they get some percentage of their assets deposited into their Apple Cash accounts as cashback, also known as “Daily Cash” in Apple’s terminology. However, the percentage for this Daily Cash differs depending on where you make the purchases. The Daily Cash rewards are given at the following rates:

3% cashbackApple Pay purchases made directly associated with Apple, such as Apple Stores, App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, etc. Purchases made at Uber Eats and Uber via Apple Pay. Purchases made at Walgreens and Duane Reade via Apple Pay. Purchases made in-store at T-Mobile via Apple Pay. Nike Purchases made at, U.S. Nike stores, and Nike apps via Apple Pay Purchases made at Exxon and Mobil gas stations via Apple Pay for car washes, convenience stores, and fuel. Purchases made at Panera via Apple Pay.
2% cashbackAny other purchase via Apple Pay.
1% cashbackAll purchases are made by physically swiping the Apple Card.

The 2% and 3% cashback rewards are more than competitive and give Apple a huge competitive advantage. However, I believe the 1% cashback rate for Apple Cards is not that impressive. But what I like about Apple’s Daily Cash is that the cashback rewards are credited to your accounts daily, rather than other banks and services that credit cashback rewards monthly. Cool, right? Learn more about Apple Credit Card’s 3% category.

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