The Complete Guide To iPad Engraving

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Are you thinking about getting your iPad engraved, but you’re not sure what you can get engraved on an iPad? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Engraving is a service that Apple has offered for its expansive product line for more than a decade. It first started with the Apple iPod and was soon offered for the iPad in late 2010, with Apple also extending its engraving services to its other products in recent years.

Millions of people worldwide have availed themselves of Apple’s iPad engraving services, with plenty more still curious about it, such as you.

Read on more below to learn how iPad engraving works and everything there is to know about iPad engraving.

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What Can You Engrave on an iPad?

Users can engrave any combination of numbers, letters, and symbols like a robot, an alien, a unicorn, the animals of the zodiac, and emojis on an iPad during purchase on Apple’s website. In addition, Apple lets users add two lines, a maximum of 34 characters per line for iPads and 15 emojis each for both lines.

iPad engraving is a popular extra service Apple provides to its loyal customers. It’s an excellent way to personalize your iPad for gifting purposes or when you want to make your iPad your own. The service, which is free for an iPad purchased from the Apple Store online, lets users choose whatever they want to engrave. The only limit is the 15 emojis each for both lines and 32 characters with zero spaces on the first and second lines.

For emojis, iPad engraving includes one of 31 different emoji options available for engraving, including popular emojis like the smiley face, thumbs up, fist, heart, star, poop, robot, skull, and alien, among many others. However, unlike regular characters, iPad engravings of emojis come in a larger font.

Can You Remove Engravings from an iPad?

Engravings cannot be viably removed from the iPad’s casing. The only way to remove them is by grinding away the metal of the iPad chassis. 

If you didn’t like how Apple engraved your device, I’m sorry to say that you can do nothing without visibly damaging the iPads chassis.

However, you can still return an engraved iPad to Apple up to 14 days after the date of purchase. 

In short, iPad engravings aren’t permanent, but getting them removed will cost you.

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Can You Exchange an Engraved iPad?

Yes. Even if you have had your iPad engraved and personalized, you can still return an engraved iPad on Apple’s website if you return it within 14 days of purchase.

Just a fair warning, you can’t return or exchange an engraved iPad in-store. You also cannot exchange a personalized iPad. As per Apple’s Standard Return Policy, you will have to send your engraved iPad back to Apple. After this, Apple will issue your refund to the payment method that you used to purchase your customized Apple device.

Meanwhile, if you exchange your engraved iPad as part of the Apple Trade-In program, Apple will still accept your engraved iPad as though you did not have it engraved.

While Apple has not announced any changes to their return policy, it is always possible that Apple will offer less money when you have an engraved iPad exchanged in the future.

Either way, if you want to get your engraved iPad exchanged, don’t forget to check out our guide to iPhone backups. The same steps will apply to backing up your files on your engraved iPad to avoid losing any data when you get your iPad exchanged.

Can I Cancel an Engraved iPad?

To cancel an engraved iPad, you must cancel your order. After this, you will have to order another iPad without engravings on it. You can also cancel your order and get another iPad with different engravings on it. However, if your order has been approved, you must wait until it arrives and return it to Apple within 14 days of the purchase date.

Apple makes canceling and returning engraved iPads easier because the company’s refund policy accepts returns and refunds for up to 14 days after the date of purchase. This should give you enough time to think if you really want to send your engraved iPad back to Apple.

Unfortunately, you cannot have your engraved iPad exchanged for a different customized iPad if you send it back to Apple. Apple will only refund you the money you spent on your engraved iPad through your original payment method.

Can You Engrave Your iPad After Purchase?

It is impossible to engrave an iPad after purchasing it.

Apple’s iPad engraving services are exclusive to their official online store. You can only have your iPad engraved online through Apple by availing of their “Add Engraving” service under the “Personalize Your Device” option. Apple does not allow customers to order engraved iPads from an official physical retailer or store.

Alternatively, you can take your iPad to a third-party store if you insist on adding a personal touch at the risk of voiding the warranty.

Even if an iPad engraved by a third party is still under warranty, Apple might see the engraving as an unauthorized modification and use it as grounds to decline warranty claims.

For more information about Apple Care and if third-party engraving affects your warranty claims, I suggest you read my complete guide.

Does Engraving Devalue an iPad?

Engraving an iPad will degrade its trade-in value. A company or person buying your iPad for resale cannot sell it for as much as an unengraved device, so it is worth less.

No matter the value of your iPad, engravings will decrease its value, especially if those engravings are highly personalized.

Although, engraving an iPad is good if you lose your device. It will serve as a marker to show others that you are the iPad’s owner if any questions about it will arise.

Though Apple’s trade-in partners or potential buyers on eBay will offer less for an engraved iPad than a normal one, you should not let the perceived value of an engraved iPad stop you. Getting an iPad engraved will give your Apple device an edge over others because it will come with a unique and exclusive design. This is why so many people have iPads engraved during the holidays as a gift for a special someone, friend, or family member.

Getting an iPad engraved also makes identifying the iPad easier. This is useful when you’re constantly with another group of people who own and use iPads. In addition, the small mark of identification of an engraved iPad minimizes mix-ups.

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Can Apple Store Engrave My iPad?

iPads are engraved using high-powered laser engravers in Apple’s manufacturing facilities, so Apple engraving is only available for the online Apple store.

According to Apple, engraving is an online-exclusive feature. So you’ll have to order the engraved iPad online from Apple and specify the engraving. Remember, an engraved iPad is a customized order. Physical retail stores only carry what they can sell, and they don’t have high-powered laser engravers.

Device engraving leads to longer lead times for your order because Apple has to have the device engraved out of the factory before it is shipped to you. This will cause you to get an engraved iPad delivered much longer than an unengraved one.

Don’t worry. Apple will give you an estimated delivery date for your engraved iPad after you place and finalize your order.

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