Why Is The Fitbit App Unavailable? How To Fix

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The Fitbit app is designed to track all important Fitbit stats, on your phone. You can use it to keep track of your activity, sleep, exercise, and more. It helps you connect with your family and friends so you can challenge and view their stats.

However what if the app suddenly becomes unavailable? One day you are syncing your data, and the next you can’t even login?

Here are some reasons why the Fitbit app can suddenly stop working:

As a general rule, the Fitbit app becomes unavailable because of a server outage. However, the error can also occur due to unstable internet connection, faulty app, outdated software, wrong date and time settings, as well as corrupted app data. 

The same issue can also arise with the Fitbit Connect app for PCs. Below we explain the reasons why the Fitbit Connect is not working and some troubleshooting tips to get your fitness tracking app to function. 

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Why Is Fitbit Connect Not Working?

Turn Bluetooth off and on, to fix Fitbit connection issues. The Fitbit Connect app can stop working because of outdated software, slow internet connection, faulty app or a conflict between the Bluetooth of the device and the Fitbit dongle. 

Fitbit Connect is a fitness tracking service from the same company. This software is designed for PCs that don’t have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. It works with a Fitbit USB dongle that pairs with Fitbit trackers to transfer the data. It is quite useful for people who don’t sync their fitness data with the mobile application, rather prefer to view it on their computer. 

There can be many reasons why your Fitbit Connect can suddenly stop working. It can happen when you fail to update the application. Fitbit regularly rolls out new versions of the software and if you don’t update yours, it will eventually stop working. You should keep your app up to date in order to keep it running smoothly. 

Another common reason is the conflict between the PC’s Bluetooth and the Fitbit dongle. If your PC has built-in Bluetooth it can interfere with the dongle’s pairing making the app crash. Many users report disabling the PC’s Bluetooth resolves the issue. 

Your Fitbit Connect can also stop working because of an unsteady internet connection. Try connecting the PC with another stable network and see if it removes the error. 

The last troubleshooting tip is to reinstall the application. This should resolve the issue if it is happening because of a corrupted app. 

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What Do I Do If My Fitbit App Won’t Open?

If your Fitbit app won’t open, you should try some troubleshooting tips. These include:

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Check the status of the Fitbit servers 
  3. Clear app data to delete any corrupted files
  4. Update the app to the latest version 
  5. Reinstall the app

Let’s go over all the tips one by one. 

Check Your Internet Connection 

Your Fitbit app won’t open if your phone is not connected to the internet. The software needs access to the Fitbit servers to obtain your previous stats as well as to sync your current activity and sleep metrics. If your phone is disconnected from the web or if your connection is unstable, it can stop the app from launching. Checking your internet connection’s status and improving its reception can resolve the issue. 

Check The Status Of Fitbit Server

Overcrowding of users on Fitbit server can sometimes cause outages. Your Fitbit app won’t open if this happens as well. You can check the official Fitbit support to learn about any service outage and when it will be resolved. 

Clear The App Data To Delete Any Corrupted Files 

Your Fitbit app collects some temporary data. If any of it becomes corrupted, it can interfere with the app’s launch. You can delete this stored data by opening the settings of your phone. Select Apps & Notifications. Tap on See all apps and select Fitbit. Go to the Storage & Cache and tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache. Confirming this action will delete the corrupt files restoring the app to its original position. 

Update The App To The Latest Version 

Fitbit regularly rolls out new versions of its versatile Fitbit app. Each new version contains fixes and features that improve the user experience. If you don’t update your app regularly it can become outdated and not open. 

Reinstall The App 

If all else fails, the last resort is to delete and reinstall the app. And if the problem still persists, you should contact Fitbit support for further guidance. 

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