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How To Know When Steam Deck is Fully Charged (With Photos & Video)

The Steam Deck is an amazing console, but you will spend a lot of time charging it.

I know it’s difficult to see when the Steam Deck is fully charged, but don’t worry if you are confused; I am here to help.

The Steam Deck is fully charged when the button near the USB-C port is not shining white. When the light is off, the Steam Deck’s battery indicator in the battery menu in settings will say ‘full’ and display a charged green battery icon.

It’s easier to see in a video format, here is my YouTube video where I demonstrate how the white light changes when fully charged, it can be a little hard to see.

Below is a photo showing where the light is, and the battery indicator showing the Steam Deck is fully charged.

This photo shows what the white light should look like while charging.

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