Why Is Apple Charging You? What To Do About It

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When you buy Apple subscriptions or add a payment method to your Apple account to purchase services and items, you may notice that Apple charges you once in a while. If you have not made any purchase on purpose and still see that Apple is charging you, you may be worried.

But no need to fret! Read on to find out why Apple is charging you $7.99 or $4.99 and why it takes money from your account.

Why Is Apple Charging Me 7.99 a Month?

If Apple is charging you $7.99 every month, it is because you or another user on your Family Sharing has purchased a subscription. You can always view or cancel all your Apple ID subscriptions. If no purchases or subscriptions are listed against your Apple ID, it could be fraud or phishing.

A recurring charge of $7.99 every month could mean buying a monthly subscription using your Apple ID. You can always check, verify, or cancel your Apple ID subscriptions. Change your subscription plan here

If there are no subscriptions or purchases on your Apple ID, it may be someone with your Apple ID using Apple TV+. It could also be someone in your Family Sharing using your payment method. Check if you have shared your Apple ID with your family members.

Another reason why you may see a $7.99 charge on your Apple ID is that some Apple purchases are grouped into a single charge. So it could be multiple subscription fees grouped. Here’s how Apple Music and App Store purchases are billed.

However, if you don’t find any matching purchases or descriptions listed against your Apple ID, then you may have been a victim of phishing or fraud. You can identify authentic emails from Apple to ensure that the purchase made was for an Apple service.

You can claim a refund from Apple by requesting a refund for content or apps you purchased from Apple. However, a refund is not guaranteed, and it’s totally up to Apple to accept or deny your refund claim. In addition, you should know how to recognize and avoid fake Apple Support calls, phishing messages, and other scams.

Please read my article to find out what official Apple emails look like so you can avoid being scammed or phished.

What Is a 7.99 Charge From Apple?

A $7.99 charge from Apple on your Apple ID could be you purchased a subscription or an item from any Apple services. It could also be an Apple TV+ subscription. If you have not purchased any subscriptions, your family member on Family Sharing could’ve made the purchase.

Apple does not charge you for anything even if your payment method is applied to your Apple ID. The only reason you are being charged is that you or someone you share your Apple ID or payment method with has purchased an Apple service or subscription.

You can check your Apple ID purchases and subscriptions and cancel them any time you want. However, suppose there is no Apple TV+ subscription in your Apple ID purchase history, and your credit card statement still says that it is an Apple TV+ subscription. In that case, you may have been scammed, and you will need to contest these charges by calling your credit card provider.

But suppose you are the organizer of an Apple Family Sharing account. In that case, you can check the purchase histories of all the member accounts as all the purchases done by members are billed to the organizer’s payment method if they are out of balance.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a benefit to buying from the Apple store or on Apple’s website? Discover the facts in my article.

What Is Apple Charging Me 4.99 For?

If Apple charges your credit/debit card for $4.99 every month, you may have subscribed to auto-renewing subscriptions. You can manage and cancel these subscriptions by going to your iPhone’s Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions, selecting the desired subscription, and tapping Cancel. 

Alternatively, you can also view, manage, and cancel your Apple subscriptions by going to Apple’s Support page. You should always investigate these charges if you see an “apple.com/bill” charge on your credit card statement. In addition, many Apple bills have multiple items billed by grouping together, so you should know how Apple bills apps and subscriptions.

Many of these recurring charges on your credit card could be because of an Apple TV+ subscription. When you are signed with your Apple ID account into any device where you use Apple TV+, you will have to pay the subscription charges as Apple TV+ is a paid service.

However, suppose you are sure that none of your Family Sharing members or you have purchased anything, and there is no purchase history. In that case, you could have been a victim of a phishing email. You can also set restrictions on your payment method to prevent purchasing anything from your iOS devices. 

Why Is Apple Taking Money From My Account?

App Store purchases, Apple services subscriptions, and media purchases could be a few reasons why Apple is taking money from your account. Many paid services on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple TV require paid subscriptions to work.

Apple could have billed you for music, subscriptions, movies, eBooks, or TV shows if you subscribed to a service or purchased an item from the App Store. It could also be someone you share your Apple ID with making a purchase. Check with people in your Family Sharing plan to see if they made a purchase.

Another thing you can try is to delete your payment details from your Apple ID if you are being charged for a recurring payment. It would stop the auto-renewal of subscriptions and purchases. However, you should check and permanently cancel a subscription that you do not use to prevent yourself from being charged for it.

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